How to Fix “Sorry You have Been Blocked” on Discord

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You Can’t Access Discord Solution

The easiest method of resolving the “Sorry, You’ve Been Impeded” error on Discord is by simply logging into the mobile version of the platform. If your friends are wondering where you are, don’t fear; everything is still working normally on the mobile app. Of course, streaming your games may not be possible, but essentially, you have the ability to get past the “you can’t access” issue.

What Does indeed “Sorry You have Been Blocked” on Discord Mean?

According to the error screen that pops up on your Discord application for Mac or PC, you’ve been blocked due to multiple factors. Obviously, “the action you just performed triggered the security policy.” This so-called “action” could have been a certain word or phrase, a SQL command, or distorted data input into the application. While such an issue might be the case for a very small percentage of users, you, the reader, are obviously not the reason this error has occurred. However, it’s impossible for so many on the platform to simultaneously experience this issue. Thus, there’s a very high chance this issue is a server-side event.

According to the bottom right text block, you can try resolving the issue by messaging the website owner to inform them you were blocked. While we won't deter you from doing this, the fact that many users are also experiencing this issue is evidence such a solution isn’t valid in this case.

How to Fix "Sorry You have Been Blocked" on Discord

One of the following:

  1. Log into Discord on your phone,
    use the platform via mobile until the issue’s been resolved on desktop,
    Reset/Force-quit the app and reopen it,
    If that doesn’t work, try restarting your whole device.
  2. Second: Use the browser/app version of Discord
    If the Discord desktop app is not working, use the browser version of Discord instead:
    If the browser version of Discord is not working, use the iOS or Android version of Discord instead.
    If the Discord iOS/Android app is not working, try downloading and using Discord from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Third: Connect to a free VPN
    Use a free VPN and create an account.
    Connect to a free VPN and try accessing Discord again.
  4. Fourth: Remove unwanted Chrome extensions
    On Chrome, click on the puzzle icon.
    Select “Manage extensions”.
    Remove or disable any unwanted suspicious extensions.
    For more information, visit
Published on: 10/12/23, 4:48 PM